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2nd Iowa man arrested in street race that killed 4-year-old

DES MOINES, Iowa — Police on Monday arrested a second man in the death of a 4-year-old Iowa boy who was killed when a car that was racing on a city street crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed into two vehicles.

Des Moines police said in a news release that 47-year-old Keith Eric Jones, of Des Moines, was arrested on charges that included homicide related to reckless driving and drag racing. Robert Miller III, 35, of Urbandale, was arrested last week on similar charges.

Investigators found that Miller’s car was going more than 100 mph (160 kph) along a four-lane road in Des Mones as it raced a BMW SUV before the crash on Dec. 13. Monday’s news release did not say what vehicle Jones was in and the Des Moines Police Department did not immediately return a call seeking additional information.

Miller’s car crossed into oncoming lanes and struck a vehicle that was carrying the 4-year-old boy, also injuring an adult and an 8-year-old inside, according to investigators. The car then struck another vehicle, injuring an adult driver. Miller also was hurt.

Everyone who was injured is expected to recover.

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