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Best of BS Opinion: Lessons in budgeting, a tough track for Usha, and more

This weekend, making blends into political economy. Also, besides sport, there are data protection and what a top-notch aviator has to say

T N Ninan discusses the options before 2023. Read here

TCA Srinivasa Raghavan says why the must harness more economic intellect. Read here

Kanika Datta lays out the challenges before PT Usha as president of the Indian Olympic Association. Read here

Devangshu Datta: In theory, India possesses institutions that could course-correct sub-optimal legislation on data privacy.

No legislation at all is, to put it politely, crazy. Read here

Aviator Vinay Dube speaks to Aneesh Phadnis about food, family and flights. Read here


None of the regional parties can represent a vision for the country. They can represent a vision for a community or a vision for a state.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi

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