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Beyoncé’s Club Renaissance parties in L.A. already sold out

Beyoncé’s fans must have pounced on tickets to her just-announced Club Renaissance parties in Los Angeles — because they’re already sold out.

Without warning, Amazon Music on Thursday announced a pair of L.A. events to mark six months since the release of Bey’s club-ready “Renaissance” album. The mysterious Club Renaissance parties will take place on Saturday and Sunday at a yet-to-be disclosed location.

“Confirmed guests,” or those who were lucky enough to score the free tickets on Beyoncé’s website before they sold out, will find out Saturday where the event is being held.

In a tweet, Amazon Music said that the events are for ages 21 and over, and that the nontransferable tickets are limited to one per person. Doors open at 8:15 p.m. The start time is listed as 9 p.m., according to the poster accompanying the tweet.

According to Variety, the fine print says Beyoncé’s company Parkwood “invites you to experience ‘Renaissance’ in spatial audio,” or what is likely to be a listening party.

The album’s August release party was also billed as Club Renaissance and took place in a New York hotel, complete with celebrities partaking in a Studio 54 theme. Bey also attended the Parisian version of the event.

It’s unclear whether she will attend the L.A. editions.

Representatives for her and for Amazon Music did not immediately respond Thursday to The Times’ requests for comment.

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