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ED seizes assets worth Rs 81 cr from Hisar-based firm in ponzi scheme case

The (ED) on Tuesday said that it has attached movable and immovable properties worth Rs 81.7 crore in the form of bank balances, land, flats, shops, and jewelleries belonging to Pranjil Batra, commission agents and others related to Future Makers Lifecare Pvt Ltd, a Hisar-based company.

The accused were running a ponzi scheme and duped innocent people to the tune of several hundred crores of rupees.

The ED initiated a money-laundering investigation on the basis of seven FIRs registered in and Telangana.

“The company ran where the persons at the top of the pyramid gained at the expense of the loss borne by the persons at the base. The ED investigation revealed that Batra, who looked after software of the company, diverted funds worth over Rs 59.7 crore from the accounts of the company by creating fake IDs and using individual bank accounts of his family members and close associates,” the ED said.

An ED official said that substantial part of the diverted money was laundered through a number of shell companies which in turn purchased several properties and the same have been attached. Batra was arrested on March 10, and a charge sheet was filed against him before a special court in Panchkula on May 7.

Earlier, properties belonging to the company and its directors, namely Radhe Shyam and Bansi Lal and others worth Rs 261.9 crore, were attached.



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