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Former Cardinals Offensive Line Coach Denies Groping Allegations

Last month the Cardinals fired offensive line coach Sean Kugler after their game in Mexico City after Mexican authorities told the team he’d groped a woman the night before the game, according to ESPN. The team sent Kugler back to Arizona and announced the firing Tuesday but declined to explain the reasoning for the decision.

In his first statement since the firing, Kugler says he is innocent and mentions this may be a case of “mistaken identity.”

“Respecting women is a core value for me, and something I have instilled in my children and the players that I coach,” Kugler said, via FootballScoop. “The mysterious allegations by the Cardinals are untrue, and I want to clear my name. Be it a miscommunication or mistaken identity, my family and I will cooperate fully and honestly with the NFL, Cardinals, or any other agency to get to the truth in this matter and restore my reputation. There are incredible people that work in the game—from league level to my players, fellow coaches, and incredible support staff. I simply want to get back to doing what I love, and would like my family to have peace.”

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