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Jackson State’s Undefeated Season, Deion Sanders Era Ends on a Slightly Sour Note

ATLANTA — One game stood between Jackson State and a supreme storybook ending. The writing—filled with four-months worth of lessons in the peaks and valleys of adversity in a dozen wins—had been plastered on the wall for the Tigers to reach perfection.

However, not all movies culminate with a picture-perfect, fairytale ending. Chasing “dominance” and perfection is not easy. Tom Brady and the 2007 Patriots couldn’t quite finish the job. A Jackson State-dominant crowd of fans inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium for Saturday’s Celebration Bowl, rocking their pom poms to the music of The Sonic Boom of the South, hoped Deion Sanders’s final Tigers team could have a different outcome. But it turned out they couldn’t, as Jackson State fell to North Carolina Central, 41–34, to send out Sanders on a disappointing note.

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