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LaVar Ball on Idea of Son LaMelo Joining Lakers: ‘Hell No’

Over five years ago, LaVar Ball wanted nothing more than his oldest son, Lonzo, to get drafted by their hometown Lakers and he got his wish. He was selected with the No. 2 pick in the 2017 draft and everything was going according to his plan—until it didn’t. 

The Lakers struggled early in Lonzo’s career and eventually traded him, along with some high draft picks and other players, to the Pelicans for Anthony Davis. Now, three years after the trade, LaVar was asked if he wanted his youngest son, LaMelo, to ever don the purple and gold. 

“Common sense would tell you, hell no,” he told Complex. “You did something to my boy Lonzo, and you think I’m going to come back with the others? I gotta be stone-cold crazy.” 

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