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Lil Wayne Brings Up Bad Memory for Peyton Manning on ‘ManningCast’

As the Packers were putting together the finishing touches on their 24-12 win over the Rams on Monday night, Peyton and Eli Manning were busy conducting the centerpiece of their ManningCast broadcast by interviewing rapper and famed Packers fan Lil Wayne.

The conversation was very sport-centric, with Wayne recalling his experience of being able to watch Green Bay win Super Bowl XLV over the Steelers in 2011, describing it as “unbelievable.” He initially said that no other sporting event he has attended compares to that moment, before correcting himself by recalling another: his hometown Saints winning the Super Bowl the year prior.

The awkward part? New Orleans beat the Colts that year, led by none other than Peyton himself.

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