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Report: WWE Pursuing Legal Betting in Two States on Scripted Matches

Legalized gambling could significantly alter the company’s creative flow.

Since the 2018 Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association Supreme Court decision, sports betting has grown into a massive, highly profitable enterprise across the country.

Now, even a discipline outside the traditional realm of sports wants a piece of the pie.

WWE is discussing procedures with Colorado and Michigan regulators that would enable patrons in those states to bet on the results of scripted matches, according to a Wednesday report from CNBC.

“WWE is working with the accounting firm (Ernst & Young) to secure scripted match results in hopes it will convince regulators there’s no chance of results leaking to the public,” per CNBC’s Alex Sherman.

As noted by Sherman, such a change could alter the company’s creative flow, requiring “scripted results of matches (to) be locked in months ahead of time.”

WWE is currently for sale, and former CEO Vince McMahon returned to the company in January after sexual misconduct allegations initially led to his exit in 2022.

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