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Robert De Niro reportedly at home when house was burglarized

A woman who entered Robert De Niro’s temporary rental home was arrested in New York on Monday after being linked to several other alleged burglaries, The Times has confirmed.

Around 2:45 a.m., a 30-year-old woman suspected of previous burglaries entered the two-time Oscar winner’s building on 61st Street between Lexington and Park avenues, according to a spokesperson for the New York Police Department. Officers with the NYPD’s 19th Precinct Public Safety team saw her enter through a basement door, which they said showed signs of forced entry.

“They did an interior patrol and discovered her inside the residence taking property,” the spokesperson said.

The woman, suspected by the department of committing other burglaries, is now in custody and charges are pending.

The New York Post and several local news outlets identified the woman as Shanice Aviles.

The Post reported that Aviles was found fiddling with the “Raging Bull” star’s iPad and grabbing Christmas gifts around the tree. Sources told the Post that the “The Godfather Part II” star and his daughter were home during the incident.

A representative for De Niro, 79, declined to comment on the incident when reached Monday by The Times.

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