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Score Unlocked, Like-New iPhone 13 Pros From Just $746 in Amazon’s Limited-Time Sale

With iPhone 14 Pro shortages this holiday season, it’s getting increasingly difficult to buy the new iPhone before Christmas. If you’re looking to upgrade someone in your family or nab an iPhone deal for yourself right now, Amazon has a sale on last year’s iPhone 13 Pro models that is well worth a look. Not only are its devices in stock and ready to ship, but the sale can also save you hundreds versus going for the latest model. 

The retailer is offering iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models in Renewed Premium condition with prices starting at just $746. Considering prices for this phone started at $999 this time last year, you’re saving a huge chunk of cash. Amazon says its Renewed Premium criteria means that devices will look and work as if they were brand-new, offer at least 90% of their original battery capacity and each come backed by a one-year warranty, making it a low-risk purchase. They’ll also arrive fully unlocked in deluxe packaging so they’re ready to wrap up and give as gifts. 

With 5G capabilities, a high refresh rate OLED display and powerful A15 Bionic chip — the same as in this year’s iPhone 14 — the iPhone 13 Pro is still an excellent phone that’s more than sufficient for most people. Its triple camera setup is perfect for mobile photography buffs and, being just a year since its launch, it will continue to get software updates for many years to come. 

Amazon is offering both the 6.1- and 6.7-inch devices in an array of gorgeous colors, including sierra blue, alpine green, graphite and gold, with a robust stainless steel and glass construction. Being a refurbished sale, device availability is limited, so select models may begin to sell out as the sale progresses. 

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