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Several people killed in a condo shooting in Canada, police say


At least five people are believed to be dead after a shooting at a condominium in a Toronto suburb Sunday night, police said.

Officers responded to a weapons call in Vaughan, Ontario, with multiple victims, York Regional Police Constable Laura Nicolle told CNN, citing preliminary information.

The sole suspect died after an “interaction” with police, Nicolle said during a Sunday night news conference. She did not provide details about the circumstances of the suspect’s death.

The constable told CNN the incident was the “most terrible call I’ve seen in my entire career.”

Police did not share details on what led up to the shooting. Officers are searching the building for any additional victims, Nicolle said.

“It sounds as though there were more than one unit affected,” she said at the news conference.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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