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TMS Ep327: Reliance FMCG, Byju’s pains, Markets, EAGLE Act

Reliance Consumer Products — the fast-moving consumer goods arm and a fully owned subsidiary of Ventures — launched its consumer goods brand, Independence, in Gujarat, on Thursday. The launch puts the company in direct competition with Adani Wilmar, Tata Consumer and ITC, who also have a portfolio of staples and processed food. It is among the latest business verticals that had the Ambanis enter Adani’s turf and vice versa. Is FMCG then the new battlefield between the Ambanis and the Adanis?

While the big boys of India Inc are preparing for a long play in the FMCG market, ed-tech startup Byju’s has landed in troubled waters. Creditors of India’s most-valued unicorn are pressuring it to sell off its US assets to repay loans. At the same time, Byju’s harsh working environment has also come to light. Find out if Byju’s is still facing the growing pains of a start-up or is it spiralling downhill.

Moving to the markets, global equities were startled last week after the US Fed and European Central Bank warned of a long, painful period of higher interest rates. They also cautioned investors against economic slowdown.

This comes just a week after the Reserve Bank of India expressed concerns about the sticky core inflation back home. Given this, will the witness extended correction this week? Or will they bounce back?

From the market outlook, let us move to the outlook for Indians living in the US. Indian nationals in the US and applying for the Permanent Resident Card, commonly referred to as the ‘Green Card’, have been facing long waiting periods – often decades long! But now, there is a silver lining on the horizon in the form of the EAGLE Act. What is the EAGLE Act and how can it help? Let’s decodes it and more in this episode of the podcast.

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