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WhatsApp introduces ‘Accidental delete’ feature on Android, iOS devices

Meta-owned messaging platform on Monday introduced the new ‘Accidental delete’ feature, a new layer of protection.

Everyone faced the situation when they sent a message to the wrong person or group and accidentally clicked on ‘Delete for me’ instead of aDelete for Everyone’, leaving them in an uncomfortable position, the company said in a statement.

To solve this issue, the Accidental delete feature will help users by providing a five-second window to reverse the accidental message delete, and click on ‘Delete for Everyone’.

This feature gives users a moment to quickly undo a deleted message if they accidentally select ‘Delete for me’ but meant to ‘Delete for everyone’.

The Accidental delete feature is available to all users on Android and iPhone devices.

Last month, the messaging platform announced the launch of a new ‘Message Yourself’ feature in India.

It is a 1:1 chat with yourself to send notes, reminders and updates. With this feature, users can send notes, reminders, shopping lists and other things to themselves in order to manage their to-do lists on .



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